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Monday, May 30

Bye-Bye Kindergarden

Kindergarden is over! How can that be? Emma will be in 1st grade. That sounds so wierd to me. It hasn't really sank in yet. I know time seems to speed up even more when they start school because to me it's like a count down...or up! to all their years. 1st grade, 2nd grade, then soon 5th grade! After that middle school. I don't like it! I don't like it one bit! For now lets just focus on kindergarden for a little bit longer.

We loved Kindergarden! It was so fun. I am SO very proud of Emma this year! She has done excellent. She never missed a single spelling word all year and even got all the bonus words correct. She learned to read so quickly too.

I know she will be ready for 1st grade when it rolls around, but she is still my little girl. And I'm trying to keep her little as much as I can. Thursday night she was in her kindergarden program at school. They don't do a graduation with cap and gown and all (I wish they would) but they did do some little songs that were so precious and yes, I cried. I little. I was trying to video so I wouldn't let myself get too sappy.

Here she is with her grandmas! What a lucky girl to have both your grandmas with you! We love these grandmas more than anything! They are wonderful.

Here's what Tanner did during the whole program.
Coddled his blankie and did that 'thing' with his mouth.
Which is very cute but I have been wondering if he will ever stop.
Not that I 'm in a hurry for that to happen. This is about not growing up!

Here's the best one I could get of Maddox and Mark.
Maddox can't be still and stop talking to save his life.
He was running up and down the bleachers.
That's why he was sitting with daddy.
Hey, I was working the camera!

I was so excited when I saw that Emma was going to be on the front row.
However she told me she was going to be on the right end but she ended up being on the
far left end, so I moved and sat illegally and shamelessly in the aisle.
Hey, it's only kindergarden once!

Now, here's a couple videos of the sweet songs they sang.
My camera battery (of course) was alomost dead.
It's never almost dead when Emma makes hour long videos walking around the house swinging the camera wildly enough that watching them will make.you.puke. For real.
Anyway, one of them is cut short. But for the other I was praying that it would last.
You know those pathetic but very heartfelt begging prayers that go like this:
"Please, please LORD let this battery last. Please. Please Please."

Here's a another cute one...
After it was all said and done, tears dried, and grandma's byed.
We took the big little girl out for icecream!

Maddox was with me when I had picked her out a little gift. After she opened she said "Thank you, Mom."
To which Maddox said, "You should thank me too Emma." So she did.

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