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Tuesday, May 31


Emma texting: i love you dad
I was looking back through my photos and I found some that
are photo friday worthy, but there just aren't enough fridays.
So I'm sharing them all in one post for today.

This (sleeping together) never happens at our house.
Everyone sleeps in their own bed.
The kids have never wanted to sleep with us and that feeling is mutual.
That's why we bought you your OWN bed. So Maddox wanted to lay down with Emma
one night and we let them, because it wasn't a school night, thinking that they would just
lay there and play or talk and ultimately end up fighting with each other. Before we knew it, Mark and I looked at each other and said, "Did YOU get Maddox out of there?" By that time, they were both asleep!
It was so cute and rare that I had to take a picture. ....I guess Madd is a cover hog.

Tanner LOVES going outside.
Emma and her friends from school.
Emma and Grant at church.

 They were all being silly.
Tanner is a little copycat. Does whatever the others do.
Maddox is forever in his underwear....and nothing else.

Tanner is one.

Maddox is four.
Running for daddy...
Playing camp over (as they call it) in the bonus room.

And more proof that MaddyCakes is always in his underwear.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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