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Tuesday, May 24


I know. It's been a few days since I've been here.
It's been a whirlwind lately.
But here we go for today!

They did it!!!
The A's softball team went UN defeated and won the
Championship game Monday night!!!
Look at that big Ol' trophy!
This little ball player also got the last game ball for the season in the Championship Game!

She was surprised and elated!
(so was I) Wow! What a game!
So exciting and fun to watch these girls play.

 I love you Emma!
 I hope you keep lovin' the game.

Emma is not the only little sport around here.
Maddy Cakes did so well in Soccer this year.

I guesstimated that he scored a total of 15 goals this season!
Way to Go Madd! You were a great player.
Most games he played the entire time not wanting to take a break.
And he was determined to score every game.
Sunday was his little trophy party.

His first trophy ever!
He was so proud.

His trophy was the first out of the box and he was flattered.
Sweet boy. We were so blessed with his coach!
Coach Andy and his wife Emily were awesome.
Madd wouldn't pose with them for a picture.

I am so proud of both my babies!
We have had a wonderfull ball season and I can't wait to get back to it!
Way to go Emma and Maddox!
 Tanner, daddy and I love you so much no matter what you do!

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