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Thursday, June 16

first tooth

First tooth....lost that is!
Finally that litte tooth fell out just as Emma said it would.
She was eating watermelon and started yelling,
"Mom, Mom, my tooth!" And there it was.

Now she is really expecting all her teeth to just fall out
without any pulling. I kept telling her to pull on it a little bit
and she kept telling me it will just fall out.
Maddox said he loved it.
It was the one on the bottom left, but the new one is pretty much already in so there is not really a hole.
She was still really proud of it. Then we did what everyone does with the pulled tooth. You zip it up in a zip-top bag. right? right. And then Emma carried it around ev.ery.where. While I was saying, "you're gonna lose it. You better put it up or you're gonna lose it." Guess what happened?? Go ahead, guess.
Yep! She lost it.
We tore up this house looking for that bagged up tooth and found nothing.
She, all on her own, came up with the idea to write the tooth fairy a note.

It says....
My tooth is lost.
I love it.
Tooth Fairy can you get my tooth if you
know where my tooth is.
Do you know where my tooth is?

She came running into my bed the next morning so
excited because she said she got 4 nickels...they were quaters.
Then, all before 7:30am, started asking me when can we leave
to go spend it.  She ended up buying herself a small carebear at Goodwill!
She is my daughter. Gotta start that bargain shopping early!

.....these are our memories

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