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Monday, June 6

These boys...

They love each other. I'm convinced they do. But sometimes they sure don't act it.
The boys have spent alot of time alone together while Emma was at school this year.
Maddox can not keep his hands off of Tanner. And that in itself can drive me mad. He is constantly touching him and Tanner doesn't want him to so he whines. And then I come running saying, "Leave him alone, Maddox!" Every.single. day for months I have said more times then I can count, "Leave him alone!" Is not really working. Maddox says, "but I like to touch Tanner."
Tanner can't really 'play' yet so Madd gets bored with him easily. I try to steer them into games that Tanner can play with him without having to talk and things that little boys think are funny. Like pushing each other around and around downstairs on the hardwoods really fast in the baby doll stroller. The stroller is so easy to push down here that Tanner can even push Maddox. I push them sometimes and it's pretty fun. Or something like covering up with large blanket and pretending its a tent or just throwing couch pillows at each other like they're bombs. Funny stuff for little boys. Oh, or hiding in my bathroom cabinet while I dry my hair and I maybe sometimes knock on the doors and pretend to be the big bad wolf. In my big bad wolf voice.
Sometimes they just wrestle around together like in these pictures and Tanner copies everything that Maddox does. Too bad he doesn't copy him going potty.
I love these two and I hope they will grow up close. Hope they will take up for each other. Share secrets and be best friends. Play outside shirtless all summer. Respect their sister and watch out for her. Love their grandmas and give them yes ma'ams. Earn good grades and love sports instead of girls. (fat chance) Believe in GOD and desire to OBEY HIM. Follow in their dad's footsteps and always listen to him for counsel. My boys are sweethearts and I pray that they can look back at their childhood and say, "Yeah, that was all good mom."

....these are our memories
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