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Friday, June 3

Summer Party!!

Yay!! School's Out!
And we had a parteeee!!
It was so fun.

We surprised the kids with a "School's Out Summer Party" when they got home from school!
By, WE, I mean me and my friend and neighbor Tracey. She's great. She made this awesome banner and put these cute balloons all down the driveway! Not to mention, this party was my idea and she said yes to having it at her house! I told you she's great!
Emma was very surprised.  When she got off the bus I sprayed her with silly string because I'm a cool mom like that. We had snacks, bubbles, cupcakes, and lots of water play!


Maddox and Chloe

Tanner was ready to eat.

Tracey made these delicious icecream drinks for the kids.
They loved them and they are so cute!

Plates and napkins from Wal-Mart.

Ummm... I don't think that's the pool Tanner.

I made these little Buckets from scrapbook papers.
It's for the kids to write their Summer 2011 Bucket Lists!

The party table!

And LOTS of this!
The kids loved it and it was so fun!
We played for hours. I kid you not it was dinnertime before we walked home!
I definetly think this one will happen again next year!
Did you celebrate the last day?


ryntrace said...

The feeling is mutual!! How lucky I feel to have moved next door to another creative, patient stay-at-home mom that loves to do things for her kids! Here's to many more parties and fun times!!!!

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