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Tuesday, July 26


I was determined to go to IKEA while in NYC.
I had never been.
The closest one is in Atlanta.

I had high hopes.
I wanted to go to check out these barstools that I had been eyeing.
My bar in the kitchen is very high and I'm having trouble finding
ones to fit that I like. I really, really love this one from IKEA and
I wanted to see if it would work but I don't think it's going to .

I knew I wasn't going to buy barstools while there,
but I wanted to buy something fun for the house.
And fun I found!

I got this cute little thing.
That is kind of like a curtain rod that goes
under your cabinets. They had all different kinds
of containers but this country, white metal was my fav!
I just love it.
The display was filled with faux greenery and ferns and I liked that look.
Faux greenery that I like is not cheap.
I found some for the smaller pots but they were 14.99 each. Seriously!?
After looking around at JoAnn's I found these two on Clearance for 1.97.

They were not to die for...but
once I got them in there...I like them.
Now I just need a larger fern type for the middle bucket.
Anyway, I am happy with it.

The only other thing I got was this bag holder.
I was trying to buy thing that we could pack and bring home.
I'm still working on the barstool idea.

Have you been to IKEA?
I'm ready to go back!

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