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Monday, July 25

yard sale and goodies

We had a yard sale Saturday.
My friends brought some of their stuff over.
It was fun but we were up early and it was H.O.T.
We had our first shopper around 6:45am and they were still coming at 1:00pm!
Long day.
But we made some pretty good money.
Our whole neighborhood was having a sale.
So we girls and Maddox took turns walking around to the other sales.
I was a big spender and bought Maddox a BatMan coloring book for 25cents.
That was it.

 I have been excited about some of the things
that I found at Mark's grandpa's house.

I got this whole set of old style Tupperware Canisters.
The lid on the big is busted.
I'm going to try to order a new one.

Don't you love the look of those old lids?
Me too.
I pulled this little drawer box thingy out of the shed.
It's my new phone, mail, keys organizer.
I replaced a black basket with this.

Much better than having the same thing
that everyone else has.
I'm going to clean it up a bit.
I do love this side with the chippy paint.

I found these little whatnots.
I thought were cute and useful.

And this old sewing kit.
Still full of thread!
Which I am going to need because I have determined
 to cover those chairs (and maybe my couches) even
if I am very scared of my sewing ma-ma-machine.
By the way, Mark found me a Singer Sewing Machine for free.
I just need to order a power cord for it.

I also got a full set of dishes.
Including platters!
Ray (my FIL) bought these when he was in the Air Force.
I took some stuff around to Antique shops to see
what they would give me for a couple of items
and all of them were only interested in these dishes!
I think I'm keeping them.

And last but not least
because it may be my favorite...
An old tool box.

I have more and will show them tomorrow
plus my IKEA trip goodies!

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