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Monday, July 11

yard sale finds

I found the camera!!
In the laundry room. Don't ask.

 Saturday did not disappoint.
I found these 6 small sundae cups for $2.
I loved the color and think they will go well with T's party coming up.

Milk glass (fake) for $1.50.

And my most favorite find.
My $2.00 Santa!
Ho Ho Ho!

After my yard sale I had my garage all cleaned out and organized
and look at it now

All this stuff came from Mark's grandpa's house.
It was just like an episode of American Pickers!
So much fun! I loved it.
I dug in that attic for an hour.
Sweating like a dog.
And having a blast.
Finding one treasure after another.
Mark thought I was only going over to look at a map and a dresser.
But we came home with 2 truck loads of junk!!  Yay!!
Lots of aprons that Mark's grandma made.
Can't wait to wear these.

Great sets of old luggage. lots.

Beautiful, really old quilts made my Mark's Great Grandma.

Old dishes!!
Mark's dad bought these when he was in the Air Force.

A great big beautiful frame.
This is just part of it.
I still have one more truck load that we couldn't fit in on Saturday.
Plus 2 sheds!!!!

Oh happy day.


Terena said...

I believe those teal ice cream dishes would look nice at my house after T's party! :)

Amanda said...

and I will take an apron & a quilt : )
You SCORED big time!

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For this moment is your life."