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Tuesday, August 9

the boys

Tanner will be 2 in 5 weeks.
He such a little cutie.
So smart.
Maddox will always be my little boy.
I never want that kid to grow up.
He so dang funny.
and fun.
He has a huge imagination
and is full of curosity.
The more I read about raising boys the
the more I appreciate his mind and his character.
This is how they say cheese.
And refuse to look at the camera.
Especially Maddox.
He never looks at the camera.
While I am saying over and over and over, "Look at the camera."
He won't.

I dressed them the same for church last Sunday.
I like doing that.

I love this one.
Our adorable little neighbor girl was standing right behind.
Tanner is in love with those neighbor girls....and their mom.
seriously. in love.

They are so precious.
Perfect gift from God.
My heart burst with thankfulness when
I think of this one blessing.

God, help me to be the parent you want me to be to these boys.
May what I do and say glorify You as I lead, and teach them.
Watch over them, protect them, and speak to their hearts.
Mold them into men that will glorify You.

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amanda persinger said...

this is so sweet and I could not have said it better! Your such a great mom!! : )

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."