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Tuesday, August 9

chalkboard love

You will need:

1 old, ugly, dirty frame found in your hubby's g-pa's shed. (or from GW!!)
left-over beadboard from previous DIY project.
chalkboard paint and
1 can of spray paint.

I was going to wait for Mark to cut this beadboard to fit
for me. But like most of my projects I just looked at that frame
one day and said, "today is your day." So I ended up cutting the
beadboard with the hacksaw and it worked great! So easy to cut.
Just measure, mark, and saw.
If you're good at measuring then you won't have
to do your 3 times.

Now I just have to figure out where I want to hang it!
I'm thinking bonus room.

OH! Have you seen THIS!!!!
You have to go there and see what she has done!
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