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Monday, August 22

crayons canvas

Finally, I am actually making something that I have pinned on Pinterest.
Are you pinning? Addicting, right?
I love it. Such a great idea.

Anyway, I had heard that this idea was "all over Pinterest".
But I first saw it on her blog (which I read daily).

I felt like I hadn't done a project with my kids lately.
I knew this was the one! (cheap and easy)

We hot glued the crayons across the top of a canvas.
This took 3 boxes of 24 but we took out the brown, black , grays, and whites.
And then we start blow drying....er..melting!

It was really cool watching the colors run.
I almost wanted to leave it in the primary stages.
It was so cute that way.

But curiosity got the best of us and we kept going and going.
It was very fun and entertaining.

The kids loved it.
You could stop at any point.
We went this far.

There are alot of cool thing you could with this.
We hung ours in the playroom!
You wanna make one don'tcha?
I think a really BIG one would be so very awesome.
Remember when I did this with crayons?
You gotta love some crayola!


amanda persinger said...

How fun! I bet it looks great in the playroom!!

Alicia said...

how awesome! I am going to have to do that with the kids....one day....

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For this moment is your life."