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Tuesday, August 23

random stuff

One of my favorite fair pictures.

Me and Tanner

BayBlade! BayBlade! Let it Rip!
Good grief. Maddox is obsessed with these things.
For real. He carries it everywhere. Talks about it all the time.

Tanner has fun on his days home alone.
It's hard to catch him when he's naked.

I hung my homemade chalkboard in the bonus room.
And wrote the quote from THE HELP on it.

I put the $10 chalkboard table in Madd's room
after much convincing that he needed to give the
'little' train table to 'little' Tanner and have a big boy table
 in his room. (thanks mom!)  I like it.
And I got that bulletin board at GW for $2.
(Just need to hang his artwork on it.)
That old chair is yet something else we got from grandpa's house.

I painted my bathroom.
Then painted it back.

Maddox on the way to church.
That would be after I have already brushed his hair.
(Mark was driving)

I like this part of my days.

Play ball!

See you later!!


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