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Monday, September 26

chip rack

I got this cute little Lance chip rack at
the flea market for only $5 a few months back.
It turned into something of a science fair for a while.
It had alot of rust on it that I thought I could
clean off but I ended up spray painting over it.
The ends were dirty brown. You can't tell in
the picture but I painted them red.
Then it got rained on! Don't ask.
I wish now that I had just left the ends brown.
I almost trashed the thing and then decided to
put it together anyway. I'm glad I did.
I moved it to the pantry and it works great.
I love it. Isn't it so cute?
And it will be great for parties!

Short post today.
My house is a wreck.
We did landscaping all weekend.
That means no cleaning.
Kids in and out.
Barefoot in the dirt.
But it looks so much better.
I'll share soon.

Have a great Monday!
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