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Tuesday, September 27

Apples and Movie Night

Emma's class celebrated Johnny Appleseed day on Friday last week.
I made these cute little mostly red apples for her class.
Tanner helped me.

Here's what you need.

And green airheads for the leaves.
The jello makes them flavorful and red pink.
Pink apples. I can't send pink apples to 1st graders.
So I made another batch and this time used Jello
AND red food coloring. That was much better.
Now they were red darker pink. Perfect!
See the 4 pink ones?
I sent the rest of those to school with Maddox.
4 year olds don't care.
They like pink apples.
These are pretty much like any other cute treat
to eat for kids. They are just cute. Emma said
they didn't tast good and only a few people
liked them. Oh well. I guess I won't be making
rice krispie pumpkins for Fall parties. Maybe the orange
Jello would tast better?  Anyway, they were
super easy and here's the real recipe.

Here's Emma looking cute for school.

Mark and I went to the Taylor Swift concert and left
the kids here with Nana to have movie night.
They set up a concession stand.

We rented Rio.
They love that movie!
We had never seen it before.
I think it's on the Christmas list.

Well, thats it for me.
Have a wonderful day.

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amanda persinger said...

So cute! We love that movie too!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."