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Sunday, October 9

Disney on Ice

Thursday night we took the kids to Disney on Ice.
They had so much fun.
I don't know if it's sad or good to say
that our kids have not been alot and done alot of things.
But Mark and I were talking about how we have
always had a baby! Tanner is now 2 and there are
no.more.babies. (sorry Aunt Judy)
Now we feel like we can finally take them all places.
So being the home bodies that we are.
They had a great time going downtown, seeing everything.
Just to prove my point more. Maddox wanted to go up the
escalator that he had only seen on t.v. :)
So even though our seats were not up there, we went anyway.
But he was scared.
So he held on to me on the way down.

That's it for me.
We are still on fall break this week.
We have a few treats planned and my mom is coming!
I wish we were at the beach.
I wish that so so much.

On a side note....we meet some dogs at the Animal Shelter
that we fell in love with. Serious. We are figuring invisible fence.
What are we thinking?? 
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