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Tuesday, October 11

Halloween in the park

I can't believe Emma went in that thing!!
The thing that looks a little scary!

Saturday we took the kids to Halloween in the Park.
It was huge.
Lots of people.
Lots of booths.
LOTS of candy.
All free!

Emma wore Red Riding Hood.
Isn't it so cute?!
I got it last year at Wal-mart Clearance for like $2.
Tanner has a gorilla for this year, but I would
love to find him a wolf!

Pony Rides for free!
(I'm thinking cowgirl party par'dner!)
Yee Haw!

Madd was the Incredible Hulk.
I got that at Target this year.

No Fall outing is complete without a  HayRide.
They did the ride. I waited.
It was fun and very hot out there.
I'm hoping to get a pumpkin patch before Halloween.
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