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Wednesday, October 19


We've lived here 2 years.
Never stained the deck.
It was time.
I thought i wanted it dark.
Now I don't.
But it's dark anyway.
Oh well, in a couple of years you have to
do it again and I 'll pick a different color then.  No biggie.
It was supposed to be dark brown it looks
redish sometimes. I don't like that.
I am just thankful that I have a deck attached to a house.
Seriously. No big deal.
See that mop looking thing up there?
Use that next time.
It saved me so much time.
You can screw it onto a paint stick and stain the deck
floor boards so quickly. Plus you can do the spindels with it too.
Only around $8 at Lowe's!

Despite the color. It looks great.
And it's done.
Like my fancy deck furniture.
Only the best for us.
Maybe next spring??

I also did the kids playset.
Same color.

See on the right under the little window.
That is stained already.
Look at the roof! No stain yet.
It's done now.
I didn't realize how run down it looked.
But now it's good.

Staining anyone?


amanda persinger said...

did YOU stain your own deck??? Don't let Eddie find out or I'm going to be in trouble!! ; ) ha!

Amanda said...

I lIke it! now you wanna come do mine? heehee :)

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For this moment is your life."