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Wednesday, October 19

what I've been doing...

Mark took took Emma and Maddox on the camping trip.
They loved it. But they were exhausted!
Emma came home from church, turned on her Nicole C. Mullen CD,
crawled into bed and fell asleep for 2 hours!
Emma has not taken a nap in years.

Tanner I did not go.
Camping that is.
We went to Goodwill instead!
Much better.

Tanner loves the sporting goods section.
Which is good for me because its right by the books!

We found quite a few deals.
Not the sippy cup!
I would not buy the sippy cup at GW.
Now I am reading this...
I just started.
Have you read it?
Is it good?

Remember weeks ago, I was making crafts with a friend.
This was one of them.
(Sorry for the crappy picture.)
Book page wreath.
I had been wanting to make one.
It was very easy.
And very cheap to do.
$1 wreath from Dollar Tree.
Cover in whatever cheap fabric you have.
Book from GW.
And get to work.
I love how it turn out.

I have more that I was going to share but
my pictures are taking t0o long to load.
I'll share more tomorrow.

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