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Thursday, October 6

Staycation Day #3

 I took these 4 cuties to the Nashville Zoo!
They were fantabulous and I was exhausted when we got home.
But it was fun.
Tanner loves the zoo. Especially the monkeys and the turtles.
Yes. Turtles.
He showed me everyone.
Emma loves the ugly meerkats.
Grant loved the Red Panda and the LoraKeets.
One landed on him while he was feeding it nectar from a cup. He was beside himself.
Maddox loves the petting zoo!
He did not want to leave that place.
He had to brush every single goat in there.

We ate our lunch there and then headed home in time for Tanner to get a N.A.P.
Then we spent the afternoon hanging on the cul-de-sac with the neighbors!

Today is clean the house day.
At least for this morning.
We are going to make a run to the store and
then a special treat for the kids tonight!
I will share tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.

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