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Wednesday, October 5

home visit

Me and the kids left Monday morning
to go see my family. Only a couple of hours away.
The kids were fabulous in the van.
Mark stayed here to work.
We went to my moms.
Where we completely wore out our welcome.
We visited my granny. I love her.
I have great memories of my granny and staying at her house when I was little.
I'm gonna write (type) those down one day soon.
Anyway, we went to my brothers and to see my Aunt Judy.
My aunt Judy loves me and my kids.
She calls me.
She sends my kids birthday cards.
She gave them candy and filled their pockets with pennies and nickels.
They loved it there.
And she had a cat to play with.
That's the kind of aunt I want to be.
We had a fun time getting away from the house for a day or two.
This is the only picture I took.
Regret that now.
Darn it!
Well, this is our staycation fall break.
We are off to the zoo today!
The kids are super excited.
I gotta run!

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Amanda said...

I see you're passing on the Funyun addiction to the little girl on the righht!!! LOL :SD

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."