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Thursday, November 10

Framed Mirror

I wish I had told the builders to not put mirrors in our bathrooms.
I don't like those big ugly slab of mirror on the wall when there are so many beautiful ones to buy.
We thought about taking them down. Replacing them. We were scared. I was afraid of tearing up the drywall behind the mirror. So we did the next best thing.

Framed it!

There are tons of how-to's on this that are way better than I could give you.
I will tell you that we used  as adhesive - hot glue.
Worked perfectly.
Hot glue dries really quickly so you will need to put in on in large globs and not a line of glue.

We also used MDF (fake wood) so that it would be light weight.
Worked perfectly.



Don't mind the kid. :)

I like it!
It took LESS than 30 minutes from 1st cut to done!
We will be doing this next week in our master bath.

Here are my tips:
  • Only put your adhesive on the outer edge of the trim. Otherwise you will see it in the reflection.
  • Use light weight MDF. Cheaper and easier to stay put!
  • Paint BOTH sides of your frame. The back side shows in the reflection.
  • Put your bottom piece on first. There's no wiggle room on that one. The others you can play with a little more.
  • Do it today!

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