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Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday's To-Do List

  • Vacuum steps and upstairs
  • Dust upstairs
  • Fix picture in Playroom
  • Mop floors
  • Clean tubs and shower
  • Redo my fall leaf tree craft that I broke
  • Put away Halloween for good
  • Clean out my van
  • Play with the boys
  • Order family pictures to hang
  • Measure bathroom window for new blinds
  • Glue molding back on the wall that got knocked off from kart wheel turning kids

Wednesday's List
  • Get map framed for playroom
  • Paint trim for framing the mirror
  • Wash sheets
  • Drop off and shop GW
  • Replace front porch mums?
  • Mark will frame the kids bathroom mirror
This weekend
  • Clean driveway and prep to seal
  • Paint dinning room table and chairs
  • Move the hallway shelf down
There's more but I hear the boys doing
something loud upstairs so I better go see.

Have a wonderful day.
I am so very thankful for this warm weather!
Sorry no pictures.

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