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Wednesday, November 2

Halloween activities

Halloween has been like a week long event.
Treats, festivals, activities, school parties.
It was fun, but I'm glad it's over.
I didn't do real good taking pictures of everything.
Here's a few that I got.

I made these Martha Stewart Witch's Broom treat bags for Maddox's class.
I thought they were so cute.
I was going to try to make them myself but it was easier to just
get them on sale at Joann's.
 Madd had a small fall festival at his school
but I didn't take my camera. The boys just played a few games
and got lots of treats! It was pouring the rain that day so the
festival got moved inside. We didn't stay very long.

 Emma's fall festival was an ALL day event.
I was so exhausted.
Mark bought the kids 200 tickets!
You read that right. 200.
They did every game, ride, and activity offered.
Face Painting...

Hair painting...
And motorcycle rides!
Tanner loved this motorcycle.
While he was waiting in line for his turn,
the motorcycle would circle round and round.
Every time it went by him and didn't pick him up
he would start to cry.


Here's my prize booth for this year.

It was a MAD house over there!
After setting it up from 8 - 10, I worked from 10-11.
Then after Mark took the kids home I worked at the booth
again from 2-3:30. I was so tired.
Ran home to get everyone else and then
we headed straight to church at 4:30 for trunk or treating!

Emma wanted to wear her princess dress
because her face was painted like a princess.

They got so much candy at trunk or treating and
that was before Halloween! What do you do with all the candy?
Emma kept saying on the way home that I couldn't use it for
handing out at home!

The kids made monster mask one day while I was cooking dinner.

What do your kids do while you are busy in the kitchen?
That's always a challenging time for me.
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