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Wednesday, November 2

halloween night

We love getting dressed up on Halloween.
We have always lived in great neighborhoods for trick or treating.
So we began this tradition of having Halloween at our house for family and friends
that don't have an ideal place for all that candy gathering.
I love have everyone here.
And costumes are a bonus!
I love when the adults dress up. It makes it so fun!
Mark and I went as Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo!
Only one person got a picture of us! I'm SO bummed that I didn't get one with
my own camera! More adults dressed up this year than ever before! It was fun!
Here's some of the food that I put out.
It was my first time to make cake pops.
They were delicious and easy to make.
I don't like candy melts so I coated my with icing.

Sausage balls are a staple at our Halloween parties!
Chris and I love them.
The food was a little eaten by this time. ha!

Green eyeball cake pops.

Emma and Halle
 Wow. Halle looks so much taller than Emma.

Once Tanner got going, he loved trick or treating.

He was so cute.
Wanting to do it himself.

Kinda crappy pictures but it was night and you know I don't have a big girl camera.

The questionable scout leader and the
little old lady that lived in the shoe.

It was so fun.
I already have Mark's costume for next year!!
All of you reading this that come to my Halloween parties,
get your costumes ready for next year!

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