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Sunday, November 13

random things

I have 4 big beautiful ferns hanging on my porch from April til November.
Every year.
I love them.
Today I had to take this batch down and toss them.
I know, I know I could try to save them but I tried that last year and for me it wasn't worth the hassle of keeping them warm and watered all winter so I'm okay with buying new ones every year.
Anyway, I took them down today and now the house seems naked.
I don't like it.
I will miss them until spring...

We took the kids for ice cream on Friday night after dinner.

Just for fun.
And I was dying for a hot fudge sundae with bananas!!!
It was a surprise.
They loved it.
We sat in a room by ourselves and answered the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune.
It was great.

I didn't do one.single.thing. from that Weekend To Do list.
Not. one. thing.
But in my (our) defense it was so cold and very windy.
So spray painting was out.

I've been watching non-stop the new season of the Duggars 19 Kids and Counting.
It's the only show that I like that I can watch in front of my kids.
The.only.show.  We do not watch t.v. in front of our kids.
Michelle Duggar inspires me to be a better mom.
Can you imagine 19 kids??
Not me.
I'm stopping at 3.
But Momma Duggar, she ROCKS.

I am so excited for Black Friday Shopping!!!
Are you planning?
You either love it or hate it.
Me? I LOVE it. I'm a deals kinda girl.
BackFriday.net sends my all the ads as soon as they are released.
It's fantastic.
You can sign up for them too.
Our plan is Target and Walmart.
I knew it would happen, this year stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day.
I don't like that.
Thanksgiving should just be for the turkey!

Emma's birthday is 9 weeks away.
She will be 7.
I don't know what I think about that.
Somehow she (they) get older, but I don't.
Anyway, you won't be surprised that Ms. Birthday and I
have begun planning! She has decided on an Arts & Crafts Party.

I gotta run.
Next week is Thanksgiving!!
My brother with his family and my mom are coming.
We are excited.
I like having company.

Ta - Ta!

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Amanda said...

I knew it was going to be an arts & crafts party after I aw all those pins! I'm so glad you family is coming for Thanksgivin! that's so awesome!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."