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Thursday, November 17

Today is Thursday

It's my 'stay home with the boys day'.
I like those days.
Tanner has grown to an age ( and communication level ) that makes playing with him very fun.
They just play and play all day.
Upstairs and downstairs.
Madd talks to him like he's four and treats him so sweet.
I can get a lot done when they play like that.

And today...it's crafting.

I bought burlap last week to make a banner and it's still thrown on my laundry room shelf.

I have also made a pathetic attempt to cut and gather all the pieces for E's class to make
cute little paperbag turkeys. Gonna get that done today.

Yesterday Emma and I started covering her window seat thingy to make a nice cushy place
to sit. But I didn't calculate the amount of fabric needed the right way so now I have to go
get more. And do you know how much that thick green foamy padding is??! Geez!
What's so special about that stuff? I would love to finish that today as well, but that
 means a run to JoAnn's with the boys.....we might.

I would definitely show you pictures of all these lovely things, BUT I think my camera is broke.
The boys poured water in my cup holders and without knowing I plopped my camera
right in there. Dang it! So it's acting all wonky. I'm charging the battery now.

Have a great Thursday.
Have you started Christmas shopping?

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