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Thursday, December 1

Christmas at our house

Here's a few little and big touches of Christmas that I've been working on.
I went to the flea market on Saturday and found these vintage glass ornaments.

I love my scrabble letters! Ha.

Emma at 3 and Maddox at 1.
Time flies when you're having fun.
Remember my post about my granny's Santa she put on the door every year?
I got my own!
Tanner is saying Ho Ho Ho.
Ours is on the garage door.

Alot of years ago I saw a white tree that had all
candy ornaments on it and I have never forgotten it.
I finally got me a white one at clearance sales last year.
It's a slow start but this is my candy tree.
Sunday we are making TONS of gingerbread ornaments to hang on it.
Loaded with cinnamon so it will smell so good in here!
The peppermint lights I got at Target dollar spot last year on clearance.
They were on a green wire. I popped them off and hot glued them on my
colorful lights.

My musical, vintage'-y Santa that my granny gave me.
He is SO loud.

Here's our red tree.
The main one.
The one Santa visits.

$2 Santa.

And lastly, my center piece that I made from old Christmas ornaments,
mason jars, burlap, and pine branches cut from my yard.
Merry Christmas!

I'm off to see Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!
Emma's field trip.
Mom will be here with the boys and supervising the cable guys
to not make a mess while they hook up the new t.v.

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