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Wednesday, December 14


Maddox to Tanner: "I am telling Elfie on you!"
Tanner puts his arm around Maddox and walks with him.
Maddox:  "Tanner kicked me, bit me, and broke my legos."
"That's three things marked off your list!"
Tanner: "Oh."

Emma:  "It's tomorrow. tomorrow. It's called Tomorrow!"
Maddox: " I know."
Emma: "Then why do you keep calling it 'the next day after this'?
No one is going to know what you are talking about when you are in 5th grade!"

Maddox and Emma playing.
Maddox: " Let's battle. I'll be Poke'mon and you be...
Emma: "I don't want to (farts) battle."
Madddox: "you will be tootie."

Emma: "Mom, Mrs. Sanford said we will have Girl Scouts on our desk in the morning!!
I wonder what they will look like?!?!!"
Me: " She probably means a brochure or something like that. Not real girls, honey."
Emma: "oh."
*She thought they would be like little elves, perched on all the desks.

Emma's math paper says write a number and then write if it is even or odd.
Emma writes....10  even or odd.
I explained that it was asking if it was even OR odd.
She says, "No mom. Mrs. Sanford said right even or odd."

One day I was playing games with Madd.
We got the game all set up and then I was just waiting for him to go first.
He looks at me and says: "You go first. You're the princess."

Maddox: "What do you want for Christmas dad?"
Mark: " I just like watching you open your gifts."
Maddox: "You could wrap me up, open me and say, 'wow I got a new kid'."


ryntrace said...

Hilarious!!! I LOVE that she thought she would have a girl scout on her desk!! (I'm still laughing about that)! And Maddox...wrap him up, you should really do that Christmas morning and surprise Mark!!

Amanda said...

I love the last one!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."