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Monday, December 19

Gingerbread House 2011

The note in the Advent calender said we would make
a gingerbread house today.
Maddox wanted to know "when?"
"After breakfast", I say.
"I'm ready to eat!" says Maddox.
So our house was decorated, done, and photographed before 9am.


I decided to use candy melts for the roof.
I loved how it turned out.

Tanner helped a little, but mostly just wanted to eat all the m&m's.


When it was all done, I put it on a plate, perched on a cake stand, and
drowned it in sugar. It makes it look like snow. We used to use coconut,
but today I was out and I like the sparkly sugar better. 

We do one every year.
Do you?
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amanda persinger said...

we pulled "make a gingerbread house" like a week ago....and it's still in the box :}
love your pics....good angles ; )

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For this moment is your life."