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Thursday, December 29

McDonald's babysitter

McDonald's was my babysitter.
I went there to get us out of the house, eat lunch, and have some computer time.
by.my.self. Sorta.

They were entertained, fed, and happy to play ......for 2 hours.
Yep. It was so fun. I won the World's Best Mom award that day!
We went late so that most of the other kids were gone bye-bye.

Are you enjoying your time off from school?
 We have been loving being home and being together.
I know that sounds dumb or unreal especially for a 2, 4 and 6 year old, but
it's true. We have had a blast together and maybe for the first time I can
say that my kids have really enjoyed being with each other.

Tonight in the car Maddox says to Emma,
"you wanna be best friends forever?"
Emma: "Well we already are."

And my heart melts.

I took down all my Christmas the last 3 days.
Just finished up today with the outside stuff.

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