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Thursday, December 8

organizing freak

Today, I had so much fun organized, sorted, cleaned, and trashed.
I needed to find Maddox's birth certificate and I knew it wasn't in the bathroom drawers,
but I started cleaning them out anyway.
while Tanner Wanner was in the tub behind.

After the bathroom drawers were done.
I pulled him out of the tub, cut his hair and put him back in.
Then I started looking for the birth certificate out here.

MaddyCakes wandered in and I took a break,
cut his hair and put him in the tub WITH Tanner.
Tanner took a really long bath.
I found what I was looking for and got all these drawers cleaned
out and organized. Ahhhh...

I then moved on to this mess of a cabinet that I keep my scrapbook supplies in.
This top drawer has become a junk drawer of party supplies, art scraps, glue sticks,
and other messes.

All the other drawers hold my scrapbook goodies and that all got a makeover as well.
I pulled out some things for Emma to make Christmas cards with and she had a blast doing that after school.
When cleaning I found pictures that I had just thrown tucked in
there for later. I took that massive mess up to Tanner's closet where
I keep all our keepsakes boxes. And then began to organize them!
I am still working on that project which will surely take me until I die.
I am making a box for each kid with their pictures, cards, and notes inside.
One box for Mark and I and one for extended family pictures.
And I am trashing ALOT. I would go ahead and throw away most birthday cards.
Yes. I would. But I remember as a young girl I would always pour over mine.
So I am saving the kid's birthday cards for them to look at if they want to.

After all this, I, of course, had no dinner ready.
We had  our coats and shoes on when Mark got here and ate at Chinese Buffet.

Do you love organizing?
I do.
That and cleaning.
I like cleaning.
There. I said it.
 I do.
Sometimes when people are telling me about their dirty messy houses,
I dream of cleaning and organizing them.
sick. I know.
Maybe not.
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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Haha... I'm so with you! I love to organize. My sister is the complete opposite of me. I think it's FUN to organize a closet. She on the other hand thinks it's torture!

Beth said...

So, what time can you come over? ;)

Anonymous said...

this is exactly why I keep inviting you over....:)
Kim Porter

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."