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Wednesday, December 7


The coming or arrival,
especially of something extremely important.

It's not Santa.
It's Jesus.
Our King.
Our Savior.

I like Santa.
We do Santa.
We talk about Santa.
We talk MORE about Jesus.

I love Christmas.
I love giving.
It's one of the reasons I am SO looking forward
to our family being debt free.
More Giving!
I have always loved giving.
My brother is the same way.
We didn't have much when we were growing up and
that ( I believe ) has led us to be compassionate people.
That and Jesus.

I am so happy that Christmas comes on a Sunday this year.
What better day?
I am looking forward to be in HIS house, HIS presence on the day
we celebrate his birth.  I am looking forward to going with a thankful,
full, humble heart.

Next year, our advent will be different.
I already have the plan. (and the book)
More Scripture and teaching.
Still treats and lots of fun!

This is our Advent Calender for the year.
I found this one in Mark's grandpa's house when we were cleaning it out.
Here is a post of Advent Calender ideas that I did last year.

In the old one, I used to put the smaller treats right inside the drawers.
Emma was looking at these little drawers and asked,
"How are you going to put our stuff in there?"
She's just worried about the important stuff.
I put notes in all the drawers.
Too bad for Maddox.
He can't read yet.
hee hee

This year I wrote everything on the calender that is on those
little notes so I could remember, look ahead, and change things if I need to.
Like when my friend Janna told me about letting her kids sleep
in the play room together! Great idea. Hmmm..that should go on
yes! my girl's night out night.

Some days say, "treat day".
Here are some of the treat ideas for this year.
Games we can play together.
Crafts for the big kids.
(Tanner is kinda clueless to the whole thing.)

Matchbox cars and figurines.
(found at consignments sales)

Dry Erase Boards

Other ideas include:
Making an Eye Spy Jar
Sleeping in a tent indoors
Going to the parade
Story time at the library
Decorate a gingerbread house

Do you have an advent calender?
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amanda persinger said...

I got mine "together", but I am still working on the list. It's hard to plan that far when you don't know whats going on so I have been switching a few things around. I think I want to do the Jesse Tree next year...I like the idea of reading scripture everday rather than just treats. Have it more meaningful And fun.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."