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Tuesday, December 6

Tuesday Stuff

I ordered my Christmas cards yesterday.
They are ready to pick up today.

I am feeling lazy today.
I need a project to work on.

The boys and I will probably hit the grocery store today.
Hopefully since I am feeling chill I won't freak out and get my blood pressure to the roof when they are running circles around my cart, climbing on and off, crying, yelling to each other, playing spy's, and asking for donuts and gummies. Hmmm....maybe I'll skip the store today. We have plenty.
Actually, 90 percent of the time they are not BAD at the store they are just kids. busy. curious. normal.

I am making a list of all the decorations I would like to get at the after-Christmas sales.
  • I need nets lights for the shrubs outside.
  • More garland. The stuff that looks real.
  • Ribbon.
  • Candy Tree Garland and Ornaments.
  • Wreaths for the windows.
Emma has her Christmas play at school tonight.

I worked last night so I could be off tonight.

The boys need haircuts.
Maybe tonight.
I cut Madd's before bath and Tanner's after his bath.

Tanner is talking a lot lately!

Well, that was all over the place.
I gotta run.
Sorry no pictures.

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