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Wednesday, December 7

Normal stuff

Elfie was trapped in the t.v. console today.

Yesterday, the boys were playing quietly in the playroom.
Here's what they were doing.

Tanner came down to get me by the hand and show me how proud he was of their 'work'.
They even put their shoes in there! Funny boys.

After school, we set out to make our gingerbread ornaments for
our candy tree. The recipe is just applesauce, elmer's glue, and cinnamon.
It forgot to say LOTS and LOTS of cinnamon!!
I used 3 whole bottles and still not enough.
So we had to throw it all out.

The kids had fun mixing anyway! Ha!
Oh well, we will try it again.
After I clear the cinnamon shelves at Aldi!

Last night it was Emma's turn to do her Christmas show at school.
It was a Bugs Christmas, and oh.so.cute.
That's her with her friends; Lily and Gabby.

Look at all those kids!
Emma is right behind the girl in the front with the green tree shirt on.
She was hidden for most of it which was a little disappointing!
I will post a video of one of her cute songs later.
And the one of Madd that wasn't working.

Tanner and I went to the store today and then came back to clean.
Church tonight and the rest of the week will fly by!

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Beth said...

My Gabby is a STAR! I'm going to put on her resume: "pictured on the blog of her friend Emma's Mom, "Our Life".

I'm loving the antics of your elf! It inspires me. So far, ours has been in the freezer, in a plant, stuck in a stocking with only his feet visible and hanging from a Christmas card hook. I love the trouble yours gets into. Ours looks like a miniature Santa.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."