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Thursday, January 12

Today is Thursday

I thought yesterday was Thursday.
I'm glad it wasn't.
Or I would be behind.

Today after school it started snowing.
Our first snow this winter.
The kids are so excited!
Me? Not so much.

If it doesn't snow on Christmas, I don't care if ever snows.
Just give me spring.
Better yet, Summer!
Anyway, I don't want THIS snow to knock us out of
school tomorrow or Emma's party Saturday.
Speaking of Emma's party...
I've been baking today.
I made sugar cookies.
Now I'm working on icing them.
40 of them.
Not done yet.
Two more colors to go.
Icing this way is very easy.
I follow Bake at 350's recipes.
Tanner took a nap on the couch today.
I don't know why I think napping children on couches are so darn cute!
We got Magna-Tiles for Christmas.
Oh goodness.
You would think we won the lottery.
They ALL love them.
The box stays out all the time.
We only got a set of 32.
We need more.

Mark upgraded us for a free trial of NETFLIX.
Lottery again!
They love it.
We love it.
Why did we wait so long?
When Emma tells anyone what she is watching she has to add
that is on Netflix. They don't ask for certain shows.
They just say, 'Can I watch Netflix?'
Remember RugRats Cartoon?
I loved that one.
Now they do too.
They don't believe me when I say it's old.

My dining room table looked like this all week:

Tanner was not happy last Wednesday when everyone
went back to school! But he has now adjusted back
to his cute, nice self. Playing alone. Not throwing fits and yelling NO!

And lastly it's consignment sale season!

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amanda persinger said...

OMG...those cookies are so cute! Can't wait to eat them!! ; )

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