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Sunday, February 12

random stuff

My kids have been eating heart sandwiches for weeks.
I couldn't help myself.
They are so fun to put in the lunch boxes.
I sometimes write little 'i love yous'on the ziplock.
Tanner now asks for 'heart sanwich'. 

I came out this morning to find this happy little 2 year old
sitting at the table in his favorite jammies eating fruit loops.
When I walk out he says, 'hi mom'.
I could just squeeze him.

Tanner does this when he is waiting for his blankie in the wash.
He asks for it over and over and then smiles so big when its done.
Hugs it close and carries it off.
And that bumble bee costume, he loves it too.
He wears it and chases Emma around.
She runs and pretends to be scared.
He giggles alot.

I baked, and baked, and baked.
All night Saturday night.

Then iced all day Sunday.
I made little notes to keep my orders all straight.

I will deliver them all today.
Work on a couple more v-day crafts for Emma's class.
Then take a deep breath.....sigh.
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