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Friday, February 10

photo friday (not really)

Look at this!
I haven't posted all week!
My goodness I am lazy.
No. Not really.
I've been busy.
Just no pictures.
Nothing too exciting.
I had planned to show you a big GW desk makeover.
I painted it.
It's in Emma's room.
She is already using it, but I have been to Hobby Lobby
THREE times to get knobs for it and THREE times I
have forgotten the reason I was there and squandered my money
on other things. Walked out happy and giddy to craft and
DUH no knobs.
Ah, well.
I'll keep you posted.

I cut Tanner's hair.
It's still long.

Maddox has been in a bad mood all week.
For real.
I seriously don't know what to do with him sometimes.
He gets mad and/or cries about everything.
It's exhausting.
I believe I have used that word to describe him before.
I think it's 'the fours'.
He's four.
Three wasn't great for him either though.
I did a scrapbook page of him when he was three.
It has little monsters all over it.
Haha. I do love him dearly.
Look, here it is.
I found it.
Maybe I am hoping it's 'the fours' because
he's almost five.
24 days to be exact.
I've been working on it of course.
Yesterday, I had a little crafty time with my bff.
I cut out some cute waves for the party.
It's a shark/scuba party.

I will be making these this weekend.

I will be gather the pieces.
They are for Emma's Valentine Class party.
I bought lots more stuff that too.

Valentine's definitely has me in the mood to craft this year.
And bake.
I am making Cake Batter Rice Krispie treats sprayed PINK with sprinkles.
Pink Cupcakes.
LOTS of sugar cookies.
and Marshmallow Pops!
Pink ones of course.
With sprinkles.

I have orders for 6 dozen Valentine Sugar cookies!

I am SO Excited!!
SO excited that people are using my new business
SO excited that my friends have given me
a very warm welcome into the whole business thing.
I will baking my tail off on Saturday.
That's great!

Today, if I'm lucky, my crafty friend is coming
over again. Where will we completely destroy my breakfast room
table with paper, ribbon, fabric, and glue!

I've been to GW alot this week.
That's how you find the goods.

Well, that's it for me I guess.
I'm off to pick up the kids and do some crafting.
I should be cleaning.
But there's always tomorrow!

Have a great weekend.


amanda persinger said...

Yaaay! doing the happy dance for you! Hope you get mor biz coming...
And I'm loving how brief and to the point you are now in your writing....are you doing that for me???? LOL!

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