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Sunday, March 18

Dig, Dig, Dig in the Dirt


Tanner is having a blast digging in the sand.
He loves it.
He has carried this big shovel everywhere. 

We say, 'Wanna go to the beach?'
He says, 'Dig in Dirt!' 
Kids don't usually like to wear sunglasses.
My kids don't anyway.
Tanner loves his!

He has gone down to the water.
But he doesn't get in.
He wants Mark to hold him.

Yes. I'm on vacation.
Yes. I am still blogging.
I enjoy it.
I want these memories down while they are fresh.
And I don't want to do a big, overwhelming post
when I get home and end up missing something sweet.

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amanda persinger said...

Love it pictures! Tan tan is so cute!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."