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Monday, March 19

Emma at the Beach

The first times that any of our kids
ever experienced the beach Mark and I always
said, "If you love the beach, then you must be ours!"

Emma is.
She loves it here.

I think her favorite is the water and the waves.

She likes splashing around and having fun.

She has also done her fair share of digging
and building in the sand.
We made sand castles for each of the Poly Pocket girls.
Yesterday, we made a pretty cool castle,
but Tanner, well, castles don't last
long around Tanner. Sometimes you don't even
get finished before the demolishin starts.

She got buried by her brothers and daddy.

There are some families with kids playing and
staying near us. We tried to encourage her to go
say Hi. But she wouldn't.
Don't you love how friendly people are at the beach.
It's like we are all on vacation together.

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