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Monday, March 26

Fun stuff we did in FL.

We ate at Cha Cah Coconuts!
It was THE best fish tacos ever.
I'm sure I won't be able to eat the ones around here now.
And banana Mango Smoothies.
Very fun place.

This is the place we ate on our last night.
It was SO much food.
(I gained 2 pounds last week!)
The biggest shrimp I have ever seen
and SO so good!
It was one of those, 'roll of paper towels on the table'
kind of place. I like those.

Pool pictures!
My kids love the pool.
They whinned some in the mornings when we always
went to the beach first. I kept telling Maddox that we don't have
a beach in Tennessee. We have pools!
We let them swim in the pools everyday around lunch.
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