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Thursday, March 22

Mote Aquaruim Trip

Yesterday, we took the 20 min. drive to
visit the Aquarium.
We got there just in time to see the Penguins
get feed for the afternoon.

This place was really cool.
LOTS of sharks.
The kids it.

This tank had some huge sharks in it.

And this is a GInormous Squid!

Tanner loved the turtles!
This one, named Shelley, kept coming right
up to the top in front of us.

They had little windows belows for kids to see through.

And look how beautiful this manatee is!!
She was swimming all around here tank.
It was amazing watching her.
She was huge!

There were lots of touch tanks.

The boys like the touch tanks.
The best thing about the Aquarium was:
Maddox: Sharks
Emma: Penguins
Tanner: Turtles

We went late in the day so we can
go back today for free.
We might.
Right now we are going to the beach!
Our time here is slowly running out.
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