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Monday, March 12

making smores'

Saturday night was the most *perfect* night to make a campfire.
The weather was so great.

We have a clearing in the woods out back that
has a huge rock almost like a patio in it, and
that is the perfect spot to set up a little campfire.

The kids loved it.
They had a blast.

Tanner spent the whole night throwing everything he could find
into the fire. I mean everything.
seashells from the sandbox.
baby wipes.
Graham crackers.
It got kinda hilarious.
We noticed that he was more busy throwing things in
than he was eating the chocolate for the smores.
If he likes the fire more than the chocolate,
we may have problems.

This is mine and Maddox's idea of a perfect smore.
Chocolate marshmallows melted between two pieces of Hershey's!
Soooo good. I think I ate 4 of these.

"Hey, there's chocolate out here!"
Needless to say he didn't throw the
chocolate in the fire.

Yes, it's still daylight.
We started earlier.
Right after dinner.
I don't like to be out there in the dark
with kids around a fire.
You can't find anything you are looking for in the dark.
This was much better.
SO fun.
Great memories.
And then we went in our house, took baths, and went to our own beds.
No camping for me!
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