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Monday, March 5

Happy Birthday Maddox

Sunday was Madd's birthday.
He turned 5 somehow.
We made him birthday pancakes.


He's so happy to be 5.
He's been counting the days for a while now.
Check out his little shark shirt I made.
The shark used to be on Tanner's pajamas.

We had a SHARK PARTY!!
My friend Tracey helped me with the photo prop.
I just traced it right off my computer screen then blew it up with an overhead onto foam board.

Here was the party table.
I forgot to put the shark fins in the cupcakes until much later!
The streamers worked really well as the background.

Emma was the first one up on Sunday.
She was down stairs watching t.v.
Mark and I were sleeping.
We heard her singing Happy Birthday to Maddox when he came down.

Mark made scuba tanks for all the kids.

We are missing 4 kids in this picture!
We may need to scale back on the guest list.
This party got a little crazy.
But that's okay.

Maddox had a good time with everyone.
Happy Birthday Maddox!
We love you.
You are so funny and talkative.
You are stubborn and very smart.
My sweet snuggie boy!
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