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Wednesday, April 18

at the mall

I wore my 'new dress' to church last Sunday.

After church, Mark had to work for a little while
and I wanted to take the kids to the new Disney
Store and the LEGO store at Opry Mills Mall.
Opry Mills Mall was flooded completely in
the May floods 2 years ago.
It has just now opened back up.

Disney store first.
They loved it.
I wasn't too impressed.
I mean, it's Disney, give us some magic!
We played with all the stuffed characters though.
Making their voices and saying lines from their movies!
That was fun.

They found toys to purchase.
Of course.

Then we hit the LEGO store.
I don't know what I was expecting,
but it umm wasn't this.

They did have legos scattered around on several tables
for the kids to play with. Tanner was the same size as this
LEGO man! Hahaha.
I wanted him to stand there with it but he wouldn't.

Build your own LEGO man.

LOOK! at all those teeny tiny pieces.
Out in the open.
At 2year old height!
Are they crazy?

Tanner built this one.
Then we watched the carousal for while.
They wanted to ride.
But I wouldn't let them.
Bad mom.


But I bought them ice cream!
Good mom!
And that was our trip to the mall.
We had so much fun.
They were so well behaved and I didn't lose anyone
even for a minute. Yay me.

Today is my birthday!
I'm 35.
I'm okay with that.
Next year will be harder.
It's the downward slop to 4-0.
So weird isn't it?
Time just marches on.
Remember when you were a kid,
and you thought 40 was ancient?
Not so much anymore.
I heard Jane Fonda say that from ages 1-30
is your First Act. From ages 30-60 is your
second Act and 60-90 is your 3rd Act.
I liked thinking of it that way.

Anyway, Mark took the kids shopping for my
gift on Monday night. They wrapped it as soon as they
got home and then begged me to open it immediately.
So I did.
They got me a new blender.
I want to learn to make smoothies.
And Emma picked me out some scrapbook papers
and stickers that look really close to her style.
Peace signs, and glitter and all.
They had also made me some homemade cards.

I am going to make myself some birthday brownies today.
Mark and I will go out this weekend to my favorite
steakhouse and to see a movie.

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Have a great Wednesday!
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