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Tuesday, April 17

GW finds

I've been to Goodwill.
You already knew that.
Usually I don't find much in the clothes
section but recently I have found some really
cute dresses and tops that will fit my growing belly this summer.


Dresses and tops 4.99 - 7.99.

I bought these.
They were too cute.

49cents each.

I got Emma a bulletin board for her desk area.
I love the big white frame on it.
No painting necessary.
Just brought it home and hung it up.
It's from HomeGoods originally.
Tag said 39.99.

 And lastly, my favorite.
I just got it yesterday.
A 5ft. lean to mirror.
With a huge white chunky frame.
(that may or may not get painted)

I was so happy with that price.
Remember I've been wanting one of these, well,
since we moved in!
Good things come to those who look at GW for years!
Have you been to GW lately?
Find anything good?

Happy Shopping!

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Carrie G said...

well as you know I'm a goodwill junkie as well. I went to the goodwill outlet (.59 a lb baby!) and found quite a few name brand purses (nine west, coach, fossil, tommy hilfigure, etc) and a storksak diaper bag (nope I'm not preggo - but it's a $220 bag), baskets, ect. I was VERY happy wit my haul.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."