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Thursday, April 26

lawn mow

Tanner loves lawn mowers.
He always watches Mark when he mows the yard.
The whole yard most of the time.

It's not just watching.
It's helping.

He makes his swipes back and forth just like Mark.
Every time we go to grandpa Rays he has to
sit on his riding lawnmower and pretend to drive it.
When we go to Lowe's?
Forget it.
We will be stuck in the lawn mower section until
he sits on all of them!

We go this little toy mower for Maddox
when he was one or two and now Tanner plays with
it all the time.
I would highly recommend it.
It has seen lots of play time, a little abuse, and
even some rain on more than one occasion.
It's still going strong.

He's saying he's a big boy!
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