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Monday, April 30

Craft Camp

The best day.
I could not had hoped for better.

My friend Amanda and I have crafted together
for years. Since our babies were... well, actually babies.
She would come over and we would sit at my
dining room table for hours. Making. Scrapbooking.
It was so fun. Back in February, she was here.
We were crafting. And we started coming up with a plan
for this Craft Camp thing. A full morning of crafts for ladies
who like to craft but just can't seem to get all the supplies
gathered, find the time, and then the get up and go to just
get it finished. We made that happen!

We plotted and planned.
We advertised.
We shopped.
We baked.
We crafted.
It was awesome!

We had 14 crafters!!
Just perfect for our first time.
They brought their friends, we made
5 wonderful make and takes, we ate
yummy snacks, and had a so much fun!

I made these little 'be happy' frames
for all the ladies.

You can see more pictures on Craft Camp FB page.
I will say. I loved it.
It was fun.
And we shall do it again soon.

Craft Camp JR.
(craft camp for kids!)
Saturday, June 30th
*more info coming soon.
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amanda persinger said...

So proud of you for putting yourself out there and taking on this new adventure! I know you will do great and only the best is yet to come!!

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