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Thursday, April 12

outside time

We love playing outside.
Ignoring all housework.
Pretending that dinner will cook itself.

He did not get hurt doing that.
I do not let him climb on that, usually.

Tanner can ride this scooter!
Like, really well.
Even down the driveway.
Which is a little scary to watch.
But he loves riding.

Maddox completely takes care of us by fighting
off all ninjas and invisible bad guys that are
apparently everywhere!

Learning to blow bubbles.

Sometimes I take Emma's scooter to the bus stop
for her so she can ride it home.
And sometimes I sit on the porch and watch her
walk all the way up.

Then we went in and had nothing to eat for dinner.
It's been chilly.
 So we haven't been outside alot the past few days.
We miss it.

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For this moment is your life."