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Wednesday, April 11

time out

I gave Tanner his first time out today.
He's 2 and a half.
He needed it.
He was mad at me for putting his clothes on,
so he thought he was going to hit me.
Um. No.
I picked him up, sat him there, and
set the timer for 2 minutes.
He was shocked.
He didn't know what to think.

He knew what to do.
Maddox has showed him many times.

He knew I was serious though.
He sat there.
Until I tried to take his picture.
Then he thought, knew that I thought
he looked too stinkin' cute sitting there,
so he decided he was going to run away.
Um. No.
I put him back for the rest of his time.
He served his sentence and then said sorry.

Funny part to this story.
Mark had tried to put him in time out a few weeks ago.
I am clearly the disciplinarian of the family.
Just saying.

Do you use time outs?
They work best for Maddox.
He hates them.
They are not so great for Emma.
We take away privileges for her.
What works at your house?

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